Today, I decided to talk about ideas for my first video game. At first, I wanted to make a third-person shooter based on my hometown; Monroeville, Alabama, but then again, the first and third-person shooters are taking over the gaming market, I’ve been thinking about a new look for the genre of said game.

I’m thinking about making a mystery game based around Monroeville, with a series of murder cases where you, Tim Samson ace detective, must solve to solve a much larger case involving a serial killer only known as Mr. Top Hat, for the only notable feature about him, his jet-black top hat signifying that he prefers the traditional murder method over a violent gore pool of blood.

The game will have around the ballpark of 30 long cases to insure the player won’t be done with the game in a matter of a few days, all packed in a sandbox Monroeville where you can explore the town and interact with the townpeople to obtain information for current and future cases.

Well that’s all I can tell you about the idea for now. I’ll post more info when I can think of some.

Today’s Quote: Lightmatt’s once said: “These crackers are so good, they’ll have sex in your mouth!”