I haven’t been home all day so I was thinking about what I was going to post about today. Well, I got to thinking (Me thinking is a freaking rare moment in history) and I remembered the the new Fallout 3 DLC came out today. So, I was downloading it and during the downtime of waiting for the download to finsh, I decided to play a bit of Fallout 3 to get ready for the new adventure. 10 minutes later, I figured out what I wanted to post about today; what if the mirelurks from Fallout 3 wasn’t a group of crab-like things the pitched away your health, but instead a group of football players? Let’s examine this idea for a while.

First off, mirelurk football players would have the ultimate offense and defense since tackling one them suckers will just end with you missing a arm or your man-hood. Second, their back shells make great advertising space! (Just think of how many logos stickers that different companies would slap on the back of a mirelurk. That’s right! None, why? Refer back to what happens if you tackle one of them.) However, since mirelurks are crab-like things and have claws, not hands, catching a ball or even throwing one will be a major problem for the poor creatures. In conclusion, for you football coaches looking for powerful defense and offense just hire a mirelurk or two and make some damn use out them so they’ll stop chopping my limbs off!

Today’s quote: Lightmatt once said: “Your ass is mine for a $1.50 and a box of chicken!”