Today’s dish of text-based horror is the making and serving of what is the average anime. For this dish you’ll need the following:

-A pot full of Story plot
-A bag of Fan service
-Sliced Funky fighting styles
-A jar of bad guys
-Exposed Boobs (at least a boxful)
-A bottle of Love stories that never work out
-An emo-like character (optional)
-And the “Blood, gore, giant swords, energy blast” variety mix.


-Step 1: Heat the animator to at least 30 to 35 FPS for about 24 minutes.

-Step 2: Once the animator is warmed up, place the pot of story plot onto the animator.

-Step 3: Crush a bag of fan service and pour it into the pot.

-Step 4: Wait for the plot to boil, (If filler-season steam begins to arise, don’t worry it is perfectly normal.) then throw in your sliced funky fighting styles.

-Step 5: Leave the animator on low for about 10 minutes. In the meantime, prepare the box of boobs by pulling off the bras.

-Step 6: Add the boobs. (One at a time!)

-Step 7: Add a dash of “Love stories that never work out”. (To spice up this dish add more and throw in the emo-like character; for bitter taste

-Step 8: Strain the excess plot and place what is left in a bowl

-Step 9: Perpare a second bowl and add to it nothing but the “Blood, gore, giant swords, energy blast” variety mix. (Then Stir for 4 minutes.)

-Step 10: Get out serving plate and combine both bowl together. (And there you have it!)

Well that is all the time I have for today, see you guys next time.

Today’s quote: Lightmatt once said while playing search and destory on Call of Duty 4: “[The bomb blows up] Oh yeah! Now thats home-cooking!”