Today I wanted to talk about one the objects in my possession that pisses me off. It started when my Sony PSP started to break down on me and I could no longer use it as a MP3 player. (Grr…) So, I requested my parents get me a somewhat new MP3 player during Black Friday. (Too bad I wasn’t specific about what kind.) Then, during the week of Christmas I finally got my hands on the new MP3 player, it was a Philips 2GB GoGear player. At first I was like, “Cool! I finally got the damn thing!” However, after a few weeks of using this thing I got freaking sick of this freaking piece of garbage. Let’s examine the GoGear.

Starting with the appearance, the Philips GoGear is…small; with a X amount of inches high and wide screen. (About a 1.5 of a posting stamp.) Along with a small screen the GoGear is equip with a approx. 7 buttons and a hold switch. (No power switch = Not good MP3 player) To to turn on the device you must press and hold the center button. (What Philips never told me is that you will fail to do this alot, and will end up bashing the button.)

If you have yours on finally, (Took me seven button pushes to get it on), we will now take a look at the interface and all its functions. First off, the interface in general looks, decent. Second off, I have nothing against most of the functions, however, to use some of these features require you to use some strage button input. (Like to Add song to playlist: Right, right, right <— This should be change to something like: Down, Down-right, Right, Enter; so it won’t confuse me trying to skip songs for adding them to my playlist of doom.) The volume is pretty touchy, you can go from soft to freaking loud if you even look at the volume button funny.

Next is the other features included. You’re allowed to view pictures and videos, but that always goes back to phase, “You are able to…,but why would you?” ; with a mini-screen why would you even bother putting pictures and video on it if you can barely see what you’re watch? Also you’re able to make mic recordings but there isn’t a mic to be found. (Lamest idea ever.)

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a cheap MP3 player don’t bother getting a GoGear, or else the GoGear is going in the garbage a week later.

Today’s quote: Lightmatt once said: “You’ll die of hungry!”