After playing Fallout 3’s Operation Anchorage I begun thinking; what’s up with the the name Anchorage? So to sum it up Fallout 3 style, gather around the campfire and I shall spin ye a tale about a disease called, “ANCHORAGE!!”.

Long ago before the Chinese invasion, there was a horrible disease running a muck in the Capital Wastelands; its name was “Anchorage”. Around 2024-ish Anchorage infected several people, (mostly old people), and created chaos among their fellow man. Some the common effects of Anchorage include: A need to be out in the cold snow (even if there isn’t any snow to be found), a need to be an American hero (followers of the Enclave are what we call, “Anchorage in the early stages”), talking in a angry-tone (probably because there was no snow.), and a need to strip their clothes off. (Even in snow). Anyways, the infected cause trouble around town, ruins, etc. and were often exiled from other people. So, somwhere around the basepark of 50 years or so, the Brotherhood of Steel began to “relocate” the infected to a desserted area in Alaska and dumped them there to forever deal with the disease forever, with each other. The area would later be named after the disease.

So, if you’re ever running around in Anchorage, be aware of the dangers of the infected.

Today’s quote: Lightmatt once said:”Apple-pie! Apple-pie! Everybody loves that apple-pie! Yeehaw!!”