In Assassin’s Creed its made known what consists of the assassin’s code of conduct(Play the first 30 minutes of the game), but what about the guard’s code of conduct? Well, I did some digging and found this lost document about their creed and this is how it is read.{Lie}

1. If I can’t see you, I don’t know you. (Its means I’m blind.)

2. I shall not draw my blade to harm the innocent. (Let the bad guys do that for me.)

3. I shall not question the scholars, even if one of them has a knife on his back. (1 and 2 combined.)

4. Hay piles, roof huts, and benches are NO-NO zones. (witness someone jumping into one of these, just pretend you didn’t see them.)

5. I shall enforce the speed limit of 0.5 miles per hour and chase any who dare defy it. (until I get tired of running.)

6. There’s no such thing as an Assassin’s Bureau. (That’s would be stupid.)

7. Letting your prey know that God is on your side shows that you’re a total badass (Be sure to shout this as loud as you can.)

8. If someone attempts to escape by climbing on the walls like a spider throw rocks at him. (Who cares whose home I’m making a dent in.)

9. Never blame anyone for murder. (Even if he’s wearing white and carrying a blood-soaked blade with him and standing right next to the body.)

10. Fight in great numbers! Chances are the guy you’re chasing is a total pussy and will be both impressed and scared. (It’s not like he’s an assassin or anything.)

Today’s quote: Lightmatt once said while playing Left 4 Dead: [Smoker’s tongue attacks Lightmatt] “Hey! Hey guys! I’m being lickitung’d!!”