Today I began thinking about my high school years and remembered the #1 question I was asked: “Why don’t you have a girlfriend?” The answer is simple, I’d break up with her the next day. Why? Because of my personality. The one thing that might annoy me the most would be the fact she might ask too many questions. Let’s observe what my answer would be if she ask me a few questions.

Q: Do these pants make my butt look big?

My Answer: Does it matter? I’m just glad you’re wearing pants today.

Q: Why won’t you get tested for STD’s?

My Answer: Does this have something to do with that weird rash in your crotch?

Q: It’s our 1-day anniversary, what did you get me?

My Answer: A divorce.

Q: You haven’t IM’d me all day, why?

My Answer: Sorry, I was busy posting this.

Q: Do you like me?

My Answer: I like to have sex with you.

Q: Why won’t you look my in the eye when we’re making love?

My Answer: Because I don’t want to see the evil in your eyes.

Today’s Quote: Lightmatt once said, “Ki-yon~”