While I was trying to overcome my cold I’ve magical obtained out of nowhere, A friend of mine from Xbox Live told me about how in Japan sex in public is common. (I don’t have my facts here by the way.) So, my perverted side kicked in and I began thinking about what if it happened here in America? Here’s a situation:

I went to the store last week, looking for some chips. (I was hungry.) Upon arrival I made my way around the maze of food towards the back. In the frozen-food section I saw a couple fucking each other like it was the end of world. (Not to mention they must have forgotten they were in the frozen-food section.) The woman was moaning like the was a SUV in there. Interest at its highest (For the two who were having sex next to me, I mean.) I began to shuffle through the sausage packs as if I was looking for a a specific brand. Nearing climax one of the stock-boys began to interupt my fun and asked if he could assist me with anything. I had to think fast without looking too stupid, so I said, “Yeah, I’m looking for those…uh…Chicken Cock Links?” After that left my mouth I understood the strange look on the worker’s face, but none the less he played along and looked with me. (Maybe he’s into the same thing I was.) Anyways that day was a good day.

Today’s quote: Lightmatt once said: “BA-LU-GA-CHU!!” <–Don’t know what this means? Play Left 4 dead with me and see what happens when I’m a boomer.