On Wednesday March 21, 2009, a new Wal-mart opened here in Monroeville. (Finally a bigger Wal-mart) With that said I would to talk about bathrooms. What do bathrooms have to do with Wal-mart? Simple, Wal-mart has bathrooms; however, the ones at the new Wal-mart are brand-new and never use. (By now, they are used.)

I wanted to go to the grand-opening of the new Wal-mart for one thing, not to shop, not to wonder around like a turkey with its mouth wide open; but to used the bathrooms. The reason I chose Wal-mart’s bathrooms was that I could use a public restroom that was spotless; however, when I went in there they were as disgusting any your average gas station! What the hell, is there some kind of elite squad of guys whose mission it is to mess the new bathrooms? Whoever they are apparently their code names are: penis, boobs, piss, and Gary.


Today’s Quote: Lightmatt once said while playing Call Of Duty 4: “Excerise your voting-hand!” [Used to veto a map.]