Ever heard the phase, “He who smelt it, dealt it”? I pretty sure you have, however was it meant to point out who farted? Allow me to explain.

He who smelt it dealt it is only applied to someone farting, and since the phase doesn’t directly point that out you can take the phase in a different direction. Like this:

[At a resturant]

Me: I smell some good cooking!

Random person: Oh! You must have made this food. [He who smelt it, dealt it!]

[At the Flower Shop]

Me: These flowers smell pretty good.

Sales Clerk: Oh! You must be the one who grew these. [He who smelt it, dealt it!]

[At a Hospital]

Me: I smell a new baby!~

Man next to me: Oh! So it was you who did this to my wife! [He who smelt it, dealt it!]

Today’s quote: Lightmatt once said: “Shine!! Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle…” [Means don’t ever show your Bling-Bling in front of me.]