A couple of days ago I was exiting a building through a door that exits to the side of the building. Not even a fourth of the door was open before I got yelled at for using THAT door. Now my question is, what’s the point of a door if you’re not allowed to use it? Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t a door for employees only, No, it was a regular door, no signs, nothing. So, I wondered why leave a door unmarked? Better yet, why not mark the door with a stronger message telling the person in front of said door that you can’t use THIS door. So, I took it upon myself to make a sign with a strong message so that hopefully no one else may make the same mistake again. So, CEO’s, owners of buildings, etc. who have a door they don’t want anyone using please print this sign out and slap it on the wall beside it.


Random thought of the day: I saw a guy whose hair reminded me of a pineapple. Weird thing was that he was Hawaiian.