If you’re viewing this post then you’re interested in finishing one of my works. No strings attached, just credit those mentioned in the “Read me”.

To begin with, Sorry I’m be away from my work for such a long time. (other things needed my attention)
And sorry the Bleach Mugen project went belly-up. And since I’m currently too busy while other things I’m leaving my “Re-done” Kisuke and the Hisagi Beta released in 2007 to those interested in either finishing my work or interested in messing with it for those who just starting out in chracter creation.

Kisuke 0.1 alpha (Alot already in: SP moves need programming and AI as well as minor work here and there)


Hisagi 0.1 Beta [2007] (Search “lightmatt” in the search bar and look up the orginal release tread for bugs and stuff that needs fixing)


Random thought of the day: The undead doesn’t scare me, car crushes do.