Howdy! people on the interweb, Lightmatt here with a new post. Woo…

A couple of days ago, I was surfing the channels on the T.V., (It was a chance to get away from the Ego-cookie-monsters that I associate with on Xbox-LIVE) and I noticed the Chiller got rights to air animes on their station. Okay, anime and horror mixing together; people whould throw a fuss and say it can go totally go together like peanut butter on blue chesse, but it wasn’t even anime with a “dark” or “scary” atmosphere.
No idea what was the name of the anime.

Within the five minutes I spent looking at and/or tried to figure out what the hell the anime is about, I thought this: Why are these stations like Sci-fi (SyFy [Dumbest name change ever]) and Chiller buying rights to air these shows on their networks? Honestly, at this point, there’s no point in bothering. Anime is a digital package that is being viewed free, Sci-fi and Chiller need to go ahead and drops the shows cause its just taking up air-space for something better or worse.

Today’s random thought: I wish that there was an MMO that can allow you to buy a HotTub for your guild.