Trying out some new things, like this podcast few of my associates and myself thought it would be fun to do. If you like this, we plan to expand into some more bits. Kinda like a varity show or something.

The First Rants are Born! Yes, the ranting has begun with the release of our freak of nature podcast. It’s name is currently All The Rants You Need, however this IS subject to change. But, without further ado, let the terror commence: The Ranting Squad! presents. . . All The Rants You Need – Episode 1 What Tickles Your Pickle? More information about the R-Squad and associated Podcasts will arise as our group blossoms into the crazy bastards we intend to be. So please, sta … Read More

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In other news:


The latest patch for Sajin has been released. Go to the characters page if you haven’t downloaded Sajin yet. As for those already have a copy of Sajin, here’s a quickie patch: Sajin ver 0.2 quickie patch