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Took me 46 mins. to get pass that one part. Fucking necros.

For added fun turn on CC.

Grim Rain Comics’ creator Kogachirst and I have been buying alot of games during the steam sell, and I figured it would be a good idea to document what we experience.

Check Kogachirst’s sprite comic Grim Rain comics here

My friends and I decided it we should try something new. So we decided to make webcomics. The first one is by my good friend C. Chambers: Grim Rain Comics.

I'm in it to win it. Today is the first day of Grim Rain! I hope to see this expand into a small national government run website but whatever. Anyways, for those who want be in the know, Grim is short and blue; Rain is the furry wolf-dog that is totally not [BLOCKED]. I hate that. In any case enjoy. … Read More

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I’ve been getting alot of e-mails asking for mirror links for my mugen characters. So, I posted Mediafire mirror links so everyone should be happy.

The mirror link is indicated by this picture:

In Other News

Sajin ver. 0.3 will introduce two new moves 1 Special and 1 Super

Spec F. (RFist Upper)

The move basicly serves as a launcher move.


Super E. (Mrrr….name here…)

GIF (Frame-loss FTL!) Also, I’m adjusting the FX now:

Click here to view

Other fix notes to come later

Trying out some new things, like this podcast few of my associates and myself thought it would be fun to do. If you like this, we plan to expand into some more bits. Kinda like a varity show or something.

The First Rants are Born! Yes, the ranting has begun with the release of our freak of nature podcast. It’s name is currently All The Rants You Need, however this IS subject to change. But, without further ado, let the terror commence: The Ranting Squad! presents. . . All The Rants You Need – Episode 1 What Tickles Your Pickle? More information about the R-Squad and associated Podcasts will arise as our group blossoms into the crazy bastards we intend to be. So please, sta … Read More

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In other news:


The latest patch for Sajin has been released. Go to the characters page if you haven’t downloaded Sajin yet. As for those already have a copy of Sajin, here’s a quickie patch: Sajin ver 0.2 quickie patch


Cody-SSFIV Voice Patch by Lightmatt
Orginal character by Gou-san

How to install:

1.Download the character. You can get him here:
2.Unzip the rar’s contents to the characters folder.
3.Click “Yes” to overwrite all the files with the patch files.
4.Try it out. If it doesn’t work, repeat steps 1-3.

Get the patch here:Click here

You know the drill. Click on the logo to go to the download page. Also be sure to credit me when using these. (Or I’ll find you.)


If you like my bleach characters but don’t like my mini portraits, then why not try Dopefiend5’s alt. mini portraits pack. Also has portraits for other characters. For more information and the download link click here:

Leaving to MFG

Post 30: Gears of Old 3

Just got done watching the new trailer of the next game in the Gears of War series, and this is what I got out of it. Also this thread at Aftershock Forums influence this post: Read that thread here

1. The size of the army has gotten so small that women finally get to kick Locust ass too.
2. Everything is covered in black crap. A volcano went off I’m guessing.
3. Everybody is getting old! It makes me wonder if by Gears of War 5 we’ll be playing as 75 year old Macus and Dom. That would be oddly awsome.


Random thought of the day: Last week my parents decided to drag me along to their new church, and the people there were very friendly. I’m not normally used to a such a friendly atmosphere. Anyways, the whole time I was there the members of the church kept reminding me of the citizens of Adale from Fallout 3. Best to watch my back for now on.

I wanted to revised my Bleach Ds 2nd Sound Archieve so here is my new sound rips; just click on the Logo’s Picture to go to the either the Japanese and/or English verison of the download page. Please try to give credit if you use these: