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Cody-SSFIV Voice Patch by Lightmatt
Orginal character by Gou-san

How to install:

1.Download the character. You can get him here: http://ma.mgbr.net/index.php?sec=chars
2.Unzip the rar’s contents to the characters folder.
3.Click “Yes” to overwrite all the files with the patch files.
4.Try it out. If it doesn’t work, repeat steps 1-3.

Get the patch here:Click here


I wanted to revised my Bleach Ds 2nd Sound Archieve so here is my new sound rips; just click on the Logo’s Picture to go to the either the Japanese and/or English verison of the download page. Please try to give credit if you use these:


Small Video Update

For the same amount of info check the video out:

Thought of the day: I hate my new cell phone; it looks like a Debbie Cake coated in Blue cheese.

Kiuske 1.0:
Click on mugen charsacters page.