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Post 30: Gears of Old 3

Just got done watching the new trailer of the next game in the Gears of War series, and this is what I got out of it. Also this thread at Aftershock Forums influence this post: Read that thread here

1. The size of the army has gotten so small that women finally get to kick Locust ass too.
2. Everything is covered in black crap. A volcano went off I’m guessing.
3. Everybody is getting old! It makes me wonder if by Gears of War 5 we’ll be playing as 75 year old Macus and Dom. That would be oddly awsome.


Random thought of the day: Last week my parents decided to drag me along to their new church, and the people there were very friendly. I’m not normally used to a such a friendly atmosphere. Anyways, the whole time I was there the members of the church kept reminding me of the citizens of Adale from Fallout 3. Best to watch my back for now on.


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One of my favorite chapters in the Left 4 Dead game. The church is very humorous when you run to the church and demand entry into the safe house.

Today’s quote: Lightmatt once said: “AL-La-Ba-LA-Bakam” <– Not meant to hurt anyone, its just something I say at ramdom sometimes

In Assassin’s Creed its made known what consists of the assassin’s code of conduct(Play the first 30 minutes of the game), but what about the guard’s code of conduct? Well, I did some digging and found this lost document about their creed and this is how it is read.{Lie}

1. If I can’t see you, I don’t know you. (Its means I’m blind.)

2. I shall not draw my blade to harm the innocent. (Let the bad guys do that for me.)

3. I shall not question the scholars, even if one of them has a knife on his back. (1 and 2 combined.)

4. Hay piles, roof huts, and benches are NO-NO zones. (witness someone jumping into one of these, just pretend you didn’t see them.)

5. I shall enforce the speed limit of 0.5 miles per hour and chase any who dare defy it. (until I get tired of running.)

6. There’s no such thing as an Assassin’s Bureau. (That’s would be stupid.)

7. Letting your prey know that God is on your side shows that you’re a total badass (Be sure to shout this as loud as you can.)

8. If someone attempts to escape by climbing on the walls like a spider throw rocks at him. (Who cares whose home I’m making a dent in.)

9. Never blame anyone for murder. (Even if he’s wearing white and carrying a blood-soaked blade with him and standing right next to the body.)

10. Fight in great numbers! Chances are the guy you’re chasing is a total pussy and will be both impressed and scared. (It’s not like he’s an assassin or anything.)

Today’s quote: Lightmatt once said while playing Left 4 Dead: [Smoker’s tongue attacks Lightmatt] “Hey! Hey guys! I’m being lickitung’d!!”

After playing Fallout 3’s Operation Anchorage I begun thinking; what’s up with the the name Anchorage? So to sum it up Fallout 3 style, gather around the campfire and I shall spin ye a tale about a disease called, “ANCHORAGE!!”.

Long ago before the Chinese invasion, there was a horrible disease running a muck in the Capital Wastelands; its name was “Anchorage”. Around 2024-ish Anchorage infected several people, (mostly old people), and created chaos among their fellow man. Some the common effects of Anchorage include: A need to be out in the cold snow (even if there isn’t any snow to be found), a need to be an American hero (followers of the Enclave are what we call, “Anchorage in the early stages”), talking in a angry-tone (probably because there was no snow.), and a need to strip their clothes off. (Even in snow). Anyways, the infected cause trouble around town, ruins, etc. and were often exiled from other people. So, somwhere around the basepark of 50 years or so, the Brotherhood of Steel began to “relocate” the infected to a desserted area in Alaska and dumped them there to forever deal with the disease forever, with each other. The area would later be named after the disease.

So, if you’re ever running around in Anchorage, be aware of the dangers of the infected.

Today’s quote: Lightmatt once said:”Apple-pie! Apple-pie! Everybody loves that apple-pie! Yeehaw!!”

Today I wanted to talk a little more about my video game idea. Previously, I stated what kind of game it would be and now I’m gonna discuss a few achievements that will more than likely be embedded into the game:


First impressions don’t last ???G
Solved the “Welcome Party!” case.

Farewell! Mr. Dishonorable Warrior ???G
Solved the “Dancing Swords in the Mist” case.

Clumsy Detective 10G
Solved a case with a -D or higher.

I know what I’m doing! 15G
Solved a case with a +A.

Math Genius ???G
Solved the “Murder=Murder” case without the help of anwser books.

Just to name a few. More later.

Today’s Quote: Lightmatt once said while playing Left 4 Dead [Hunter jumps on Lightmatt] “Oh God! I being titty-twistered!!”

Today, I decided to talk about ideas for my first video game. At first, I wanted to make a third-person shooter based on my hometown; Monroeville, Alabama, but then again, the first and third-person shooters are taking over the gaming market, I’ve been thinking about a new look for the genre of said game.

I’m thinking about making a mystery game based around Monroeville, with a series of murder cases where you, Tim Samson ace detective, must solve to solve a much larger case involving a serial killer only known as Mr. Top Hat, for the only notable feature about him, his jet-black top hat signifying that he prefers the traditional murder method over a violent gore pool of blood.

The game will have around the ballpark of 30 long cases to insure the player won’t be done with the game in a matter of a few days, all packed in a sandbox Monroeville where you can explore the town and interact with the townpeople to obtain information for current and future cases.

Well that’s all I can tell you about the idea for now. I’ll post more info when I can think of some.

Today’s Quote: Lightmatt’s once said: “These crackers are so good, they’ll have sex in your mouth!”